✧ Astray ✧

Sneak peak 👀


Etsy shop preview: rainbow moonstone necklace.

▫️Little pencil sketch▫️

Liquescent ~Latin word meaning tending toward a liquid state, to become fluid. 💧

Dover Castle

I have one spare #ticket for Wilderness Festival and it’s going for £120 to anyone in London who fancies it? #wilderness #wilderness2014 #tickets #festival

New business cards arrived in the post today 👻

Trekking along the White Cliffs of Dover 🌾

🔻 тħє ɾєđ ωσмåи 🔻

gåℓєåитħɾσρу 🐈 ~ An Ancient Greek word. A very rare mental condition of thinking that one has become a cat, usually manifest in the adoption of feline mannerisms and behaviours. 🐾 Could be shape-shifters! 🙅 ➡️🐈 .. 👀